a record of puppy training

Exhibitors have asked us how we get out dogs trained, this is a reccord of two puppies we have started training. We begin at 12 weeks by making it all a game, no leads, no stress. We will update it as they progress.

settling in

10 weeks

on a walk

on a walk

Now lets begin.

playing and training

Hi your nice.

now we begin

OK you can feel if you must.

What IS my sister doing ?


OK just 20 secs, where's sis.

Enough I said !!!!!

I like a ear rub.

Again, must we?

Enough, I said - I'm off

Wait for me I'm coming.

Hey Dads calling - OK, lets go back

This is fun.

Run, he says we must do it every day. .

going home to rest

20 mins now I do need sleep.