A short film of Miss Richmond and some background
to the Bridge Sollers Deerhounds 1923

gladys cooper

This is a postcard of Gladys Cooper & Deerhound. The children are John Buckmaster born 1916 and Joan Buckmaster born 1910. Gladys first husband was Captain Herbert Buckmaster. From the age of the baby the photo was taken in late 1916 and from the construction of the house appears to be a holiday home and was probably in Frinton on Sea, Essex, where John was born in July 1916 . No trace of any transfer to Buckmaster or Cooper in the Kennel Gazettes but, at this time, transfers were usually only recorded when the pups went for showing or breeding. Anyone else got any ideas who the dog is? My thanks to Mike Herwin for this.


Ken McCormack's article on the Loughrey's and their Deerhounds