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A short film of Miss Richmond 1923 and her hounds - featuring Ch Bran of Bridge Sollers - Pathe

The direct line to the three named dogs in this film is dead but through siblings it is alive and kicking.

The pack of hounds in this film are the Bridge Sollers hounds of Miss Richmond who started breeding in 1923 her foundation stock came from Mr O Sarson 'Sherbrook' the only champion he produced was Ch Sherbrook Lady Eveline no progeny is on record. She was one of a litter of 8 and three of her siblings did produce.


The film features

  1. Ch Bran of Bridge Sollers although bred from 4 times his direct line ran out in 1928. Bran is the brother of Miss Hartley's foundation bitch Silver Cloud.

The fine brace featured in this film are Solomon and Hector of Bridge Sollers two of a litter of 6 hounds

  1. Hector of Bridge Sollers produced one singleton puppy Jane of Bridge Sollers who in turn was not bred from.
  2. Solomon of Bridge Sollers has no progeny registered.
  3. Bambino has no progeny registered.
  4. Brutus of Bridge Sollars was mated to a Ruritania bitch and his line is alive today with 13765 descendants both here and overseas. (see picure below)
  5. Barrie of Bridge Sollers produce 3 offspring but none were bred from.
  6. Fionah of Bridge Sollers had 2 litters but the direct line to her ran out in the following generation as none were bred from.


This picture of Brutus of Bridge Sollers was painted by Cecil Aldin and belongs to the Kennel Club

Glenis Peach