Recommended to me To help with Kilbourne Rheas aka Becky
Arthritis and stiffness.

Costs about £35.00, but well worth it in my opinion, changed Becky with
fantastic results. Unlike pills and special diet food, its is always on, and
never wares off, you only have to pay for it once. If like Becky who is
already on Metacam & Hills JD Joint Food, and all other options have been
tried to improve the condition, and you are running out of options to try
and help relive the stiffness. Then this is well worth a try, I cannot
recommend it enough.

Hope you can pass this on to other Deerhound owners in a similar position
with an ageing Deerhound, then that's great news.

Have included some blurb from a website and this is as follows.

Kind regards

Andrew Haigh

The Bioflow DOG COLLAR has a powerful CRP magnet module firmly attached to a
fully adjustable quality webbing collar. Plus a steel 'D' ring for use with
a lead.

The collar is very secure and is designed to be worn with the magnet module
to the front of the neck. Dogs and cats have a metabolism which tends to
respond well to Bioflow magnotherapy, often with dramatic results.

Used for conditions such as arthritis, joint stiffness, promote healing,
muscle problems, exma, fatigue, plus many other painful and debilitating

Countless delighted dog owners report that there pet is enjoying a new lease
of life since using a Bioflow collar.