Sire Kilbourne Hamlet

Dam Pinglehoil Saffire

Date of Birth: 24/4/2011

Macey is off to the Isle of Man with all our love - she will share her bed with a Fingon bitch from our friend Dr Marjory McKinnon

update sounds fun

Things are coming on.   She doesn't mind her mud-slicked paws & legs getting
stuck in a bucket of water at the front door just as much, and is getting to
like a warm towel down before Madam is allowed into the rest of the house.
Do my ears first please.  Managed to get her to 'leave' a rabbit carcase she
found this afternoon - albeit with the best part of two sausages as
enticement.  (She has a keen nose and a penchant for dead things, smelling
them out wherever they are as soon as she steps into Mr Radcliffe's big
hayfield.  We had two today.)   I've got over the horrors lifting up dead
things to chuck them in amongst the brambles - I just have to remember to
wash my hands when I get in.   If I don't get rid of them, Macey plays the
prize envy game with a rabbit leg cigar sticking out her mouth ('cos the
rest has broken off & dropped somewhere).  She knows I want it!  She's such
a tease.   In a 40 minute field outing today, Rosie and she chased each
other in wide circles for most of that time.  Wonderful, wonderful fun and a
joy to watch them.  The bales have been lifted in so there's no place to
hide.  (We will all be so sad when he eventually ploughs this field up).
When Rosie's had enough and needs a pant break, she heads for me/the biscuit
pocket with Macey barrelling after her.  IN DEN 1,2,3!     Having Macey's
company has worked out really well for Rosie who is now behaving more like a
dog than an old cat, and who has regained muscle tone and appetite.  Macey
is growing really well (I think!) and is really tough, hardy, big & muscular
(compared to Rosie who takes her duvet to the vets because she won't lie
down on a hard floor).  Macey opted to spend a couple of hours with me in
the garden dozing on the cold damp grass, watching me as I fixed up the
snowdrop bed under the hedge.  She had trashed it in about ten seconds flat with her BIG DIGGERS before I realised what she was doing.   Eventually I
saw her point: they did need thinning out.    And talking about power digs,
she went bonkers when she discovered a mole hill in the field today.  Had a digging frenzy, got down deep very quickly, shoved her face right in then
did the 'I've gone crazy' run.  Must have been good, then!   She's not doing
her baby run any more - running sideways like a crab - her gait is
straightening out.   Down to Rosie I guess, trying to nip her bum at 20
miles an hour.   We've discovered stag horn as chews - a substitute for the
fireside kindling bucket which Macey is determinedly turning into
matchsticks.   As for eating things other than her dinner, we had a quote
for the repair of Macey's favourite green leather chair - £200.  Merry
Christmas - ho ho ho!   While we were thinking about it, Crazy Digger Dog
ate another bit of it.  Now the only thing that gets to sit on it is an old
packing box which messed with her head.  Very funny - lots of indignant
barking.   I guess it'll look okay with some fairy lights draped over..


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