Loch Maree of Kilbourne

Loch Maree of Kilbourne

 Sire: Ardkinglas Sam

 Dam: Duchally Cinnamon

Date of Birth 21st December 1984

Bred by: Rhona Kermack

A fine hound let down by a poor front movement she kicked her right foot out 'Grace' was one of Glenis's all time favourites. Smart for a deerhound, Grace was territorial and got us into trouble on a number of occasions owing to her regrettable habit of hopping over the garden wall and mugging any small passing dog on the public footpath, irrespective of whether it was on a lead or not. Devoted to Glenis Grace never took her eyes off her so at a show everyone knew where Glenis was you just had to look at Grace and she would tell you. We feel that she would have been easy to train and could have coped with obedience competitions. Her claim to fame was she took part in the Derby Operatic Society's production of Camelot where she played the part of the hound Horrid. A splendid performance, Grace was on stage for one hour but she always looked out at the audience, looking for Glenis. Grace died on Christmas night 1993 of gastric torsion. We now have a young hound from Mrs Elaine Harper, Pharcourse Grace who has the same lovely head and expression and we hold great hopes out for her future. Grace produced Kilbourne Nouska who then produced Kilbourne Darling. Grac e bloated christmas day at the age of 10 years and we lost her.

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