Breeders MJ GM PEACH Date of Birth: 13/10/2011
Sire Kilbourne Hector at Oelmuhle Dam KilburneAnnie MacTavish

Yalla travelled quite well in the car and both dogs slept most of the way home.  Shankly bounced around Yalla in the garden in the afternoon, but after a feed and some water they settled down for a nap together.

He's been for a short walk this evening on a lead.  He wasn't sure at first but soon realised that walking was going to be more enjoyable than sitting!  He's also met both cats and is fine with them both when he's lying down in the house, but has tried to have a bit of a run at them in the garden.  One of them turned and biffed him on the nose so he's much more wary now!

He's really gorgeous and very gentle.  He comes to both Simon and I when we call him and loves to try to snuggle under our arms to get a cuddle (so far, it's working!).


Here are some photos to mark Yalla's first week with us.  It's not been 100% plain sailing as he quickly latched onto Shankly and at best whined or at worst howled at the top of his voice when they were apart.  However, after a week of us splitting them up throughout the day and them sleeping separately Yalla's anxiety has really reduced.  He's now really playful and a great joy to have around - he's now looking at us with quite a grateful expression when we put Shankly in another room so Yalla has some time to sleep on his own (although they both love to cuddle up together too).

He's made a great friend in a 1 year old Great Dane that he meets on his walk through the woods each morning - it's nice for him to spend time with an equally big dog!  We're expecting his invitation to his puppy party at the vets any day doubt he'll scare the b'jesus out of everyone with handbag puppies!!!


Just a quick note to update you on Yalla's progress "down south".  He has just completed his 6-week puppy training class, he was the star pupil on recall (!!) - apart from an unfortunate incident involving a really annoying yappy little Jack Russell, but I'll gloss over that - but the bottom of the class for heel work as he had to be dragged around and kept lying down as soon as the pace slowed!  He's also got 3 girlfriends - two 18 mth Great Danes and a 6 mth old Dogue de Bordeaux - and is really popular on our dog walks.

Here are some photos to show that even if he doesn't make the show-ring, he's still a star!

Double trouble

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