International Ch. Kilbourne Hester (N)

Date of Birth: 21.2.2009

Sire: Neroche Hennessy at Deeranwith

Dam: Canishurn Zena

We are extremely proud of Hester and watch her progress with great interest. .

Hennessy Junior

Harvest Moon

Hester is growing on well in Italy with her owners Antonella e Andrea Ravazzolo and will be shown - we wish her luck and look forward to hearing all about her. Her handler will be Maurizio Pizzolato and she will start in the Autumn shows. Hester last Sunday results in Faenza National Dog Show. Breed judge: Amedeo Bottero - 1 Very Promising. Very good judgment, compliments of the judge and also from some visitors. Very good behavior of Hester, that is learning and growing very well.In honour ring (Junior Best in Show) she was selected in the first seven dogs among 25 competitors, but she didn’t obtain the podium. Last weekend results: 

Hester is now a International Champion - well done

Saturday 17th October – International Dog Show – Bastia Umbra - Judge: Mrs Bjorg Foss (S) (Special show for sighthounds) Kilbourne Hester (Junior Class)   1  Very Promising Sunday 18th October – International Dog Show – Bastia Umbra - Judge: Mr Valerio Nataletti (I) (Special show for sighthounds)Kilbourne Hester (Junior Class)   1  Very Promising Compliments from both the judges.

These shows are just to train Hester. She will start her first real championship (ENCI Young Promise, that means Young Italian Championship) after she will be 9 months old, at Verona International Dog Shows on 5-6-7-8th December 2009. Regards Maurizio

Great weekend the last one! Four shows in four days, here the results:

05th  December – Pordenone International Dog Show (c/o Verona fair) – Judge: Enrico Adinolfi (I) Hester – Young Class - 1 Ecc
06th  December – Verona International Dog Show – Judge: Pierre Derouet (F) Hester – Young Class - 1 Ecc
07th  December – Trieste National Dog Show – Judge: Donavon Thompson (USA) Hester – Young Class - 1 Ecc
08th  December – Trieste National Dog Show – Judge: Nicola Imbimbo (I) Hester – Young Class - 1 Ecc

We obtained 16 points for ENCI Young Promise Championship (is the name of the Young Italian Championship). We’ll need a total of 30 points to conclude it.

Hester has become Italian champion in Montebelluna (Treviso). She won BOB and BOG. MAY 2011






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