Coat colour

The standard says: Dark blue-grey, darker and lighter greys or brindles and yellows, sandy-red or red fawns with black points. A white chest, white toes and a slight white tip to stern are permissable but the less white the better, since it is a self coloured dog. A white blaze on head or white collar unacceptable.

Although our standard talks about brindles and yellows we never see them any more. occasionally a Deerhound will have red in the coat but red fawns sandy red and yellows are sadly a colour of the past. Dark blue-grey, darker and lighter greys, some lighter brindles do appear but the 'fashion' is for the darker greys. This really does illustrates how judges and breeders can change part of the standard. If breeders breed for a particular colour or type and judges only look for that one particular colour or type others will be lost. Below is a selection of different coloured deerhounds of today, all fit the standard for colour. .

This hound is what we consider a brindle coat

This grey hound has a reddish tinge.

A real oldfashioned reddish coat


A much darker coat

A much darker hound with the red in her coat

Paler grey

Pale grey, a rare and rather overlooked colour these days

bottom line is they are all grey