Open show Saturday 9th June 2012

Deerhounds; Judge Sue Phillips

Puppy 3 (1abs)
1st; Clarke’s Rosslyn Qurgan
A well grown dog puppy rising 8 months. Masculine head with dark eye, strong, balanced body with good depth & correct top line, plenty of bone, nice length from hip to hock & good bend of stifle.
Very sound for his age, covered the ground well on the move. Best Puppy

2nd; Spring-Arnold’s Gentiehun Alice Springs.
10 month old bitch build on much finer lines to winner. Lovely feminine head with small, correctly held ears, crisp coat & fit condition. Tight well knuckled feet, moved out well with long flowing strides.

Junior 2

1st; Bond’s Regalflight Civet
A 14 month old bitch of very nice type with dark coat of good texture. Balanced outline with nice top line, correct lay of shoulder with good return of upper arm, deep chest, and correct quarters with low hocks, nice compact feet. Moved very well, keeping her top line at all times. A promising youngster presented in good condition.

2nd; O’Brien & Quinn’s Araceta Cordelia.
A smaller bitch, the same age as winner but on as mature yet.
She has the sweetest head with dark well shaped eye, the best of ears, strong neck, balanced angulation fore & aft. Shown in super condition with a good coat of correct texture. Lovely tight feet, moved very soundly but unfortunately dropped her top line a little.

Post Graduate 7

1st O’Briens & Quinn’s Kilbourne Fire Crest
Mature 5 ½ year old, solid, strong, well constructed bitch with very nice angulation front & rear, good depth of chest & plenty of length & breadth through body. Her top line is not her fortune but she moves extremely sound & covers the ground easily with powerful long strides, one of the best movers of the day.

2nd; Girling’s Pyefleet Scrumpie.
A really nice type bitch. Very good front angulation & strong rear with correct bend of stifle & low set locks. Super head with good eye & neat ears set on strong neck. In fit condition with lovely quality coat, well knuckled feet, good tail set and carriage. Sound on the move covering the ground easily.

3rd Regalflight Kalifi of Gortsekree 4th Glenmorlich None so Pretty for Packway
5th Regalflight Tomahawk at Ollandsheart

Limit 6 (2 abs)

1st Trotman’s Stainlonan Kulang of Penherald
A super bitch for type, rising 4 years. She has a pleasing outline with good, balanced angulation front & rear, nice length with correct top line which she held very well on the move, good depth of chest but could have more breadth through body (which should come as she keeps maturing). Very feminine head, lovely expression with dark eye & tidy ears. Sound, true movement covering the ground really well. Nicely presented & handled. Best of breed & BIS 3 well done!


2nd Churchill’s Lealla Liath 3 year old dog, masculine head, good strong neck into well laid shoulder & good return of upper arm, deep chest, plenty of length with a correct top line. Drooping quarters with good bend of stifle & low set hocks. Presented in good condition with a quality coat. Not showing himself off as good as he could unfortunately, but still a really lovely hound. Reserve best of breed.


3rd Cassacre Aelgyth
4th Pyefleet Silas
Open 5 (1 abs)
1st Churchill’s Lealla Lephin.
Mature 3 year old male with a super coat of good texture. Pleasing head set on a strong neck. Correct front angulation with good lay of shoulder. Good depth of chest, plenty of length & nice top line. Strong rear, nice bend of stifle & good length from hip to low set hocks. Tail well set & carried. Tight well knuckled feet. Sound on the move.
2nd Girling’s Pyefleet Qwilliam
A 7 ½ year old masculine hound looking in great condition for his age, plenty of depth & breadth throughout a strong body with good bone. In super coat of correct length & texture, nicely angulated front & rear, super feet & still moving with plenty of drive, easily covering the ground with powerful, long strides.
3rd Sorisdale Mackechnie for Packway 4th Stainlonal Bellis