Potteries & District Canine Association Open Show 2013 Critique

P. Graduate. (2/1)
1st and RBOB. Mansell & Duddell's Canerikie Coco Clarissa. 2 ½ yr old bitch of lovely
breed type. Small head with ears set high and a kind expression in her dark eye. Good
length of neck leading into excellent forehand showing good slope to shoulder with good
length of upper arm. Her feet are well arched and she has the desired slight slope to pastern.
Well ribbed back, slight rise over loin and her croup falls away to a long strong tail. Good
first and second thigh and showing good length hip to hock with just the right amount of
rear angulation. Movement good.

Open. (2/2).
1st and BOB. Mansell & Duddell's Killeoter Pieris at Canerikie. 4 yr old bitch whom I
have admired before. I find her to be of excellent breed type with the most beautiful head
and expression. Her eye is dark, her pigment good and her small ears set high on a head
of excellent proportions. Strong well arched neck well set into her correctly sloping
shoulder and with excellent length of upper arm. She has good bone and well knuckled
feet with the desired slope to pastern. Correct depth and length of ribcage, slight rise over
loin, correct fall away at croup, long tail. First and second thighs good. Hocks well let
down. Movement good. The whole giving the impression to me that this bitch could
catch supper and return to her owner sound and ready to run again. Fit for function.

2nd. Spencer & Rhodes' Gentom Renown. 5 yr old dog. Good head and the kindest of
expressions. Ears well set, neck very powerful and well set into good shoulder. Great
depth of body, very well ribbed back, good topline and croup sloping into powerful hind
quarters with hocks well let down and a long well set tail. His movement was the best of
the day as he settled immediately into a well cadenced and well balanced and accurate trot
round a ring which for him was not over large.

Mrs Pip Buswell ( Glenmorlich )