1) Little                Rosslyn Raider    BD
Very raw youngster of 13mths, holds a pleasing outline with well arched loin, liked his head/dark eye/ muzzle, at present very loose flat ears, good length to neck, would prefer more angulation in his forehand, has good length of leg and slight give in pastern, at present tends to stand at 10 to 2 with forefeet, has well angulated drooping hindquarters but needing to firm up here as he tends to move close behind, moved out with an easy profile action. Has thick ragged coat.    

1) Doak                Rosslyn Qorrie    BB & BOB
Really fell for this lovely youngster of 23 mths, such an attractive head and muzzle, dark eye , neat well folded ears, good angulation in both forehand and hindquarters, well arched powerful loin, has a thick ragged coat with mane on the neck, excellent bone and feet, does not look her best at the stack, perhaps a fraction more length in loin required, however she really came into her own on the move, her gait was so sound and effortless that she took this award in front of her titled sister.

OB (2)
1) Mooney          Ch Rosslyn Quartet  RBB
Eye –catching litter sister to Qorrie perhaps has more impact at the stack with slightly rangier outline, lovely head/eye and muzzle, lengthy neck into well laid shoulder blades, well filled forechest,  well arched loin into drooping powerful hindquarters, well presented and handled, pleasing flat lying ragged coat. Moves out with easy profile action.   
2) Doak                Rosslyn Pledge
Shapely 5yr old who I see is the dam of Qorrie and Quartet, has passed on her head qualities to her children, has great depth of chest , well arched powerful loin and drooping hindquarters, she does not have the forehand construction that they possess, her outline could perhaps benefit from bit more length of forearm, has an excellent ragged coat.



MIKE CAPLE   (Judge)