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Post from Glenis and Sam Taylor 2010

One of our Deerhounds Tan has over the last few days developed a problem with her jaw. She cannot open it at all and is in great pain when we try and look. Having been to the vet X-rayed under anesthesia they have found nothing. She has returned home on rimidil and antibiotics and we are syringing fluids to keep her hydrated.

. My friend Hayley had a similar situation with one of her flat-coats in the summer and her vet diagnosed botulism but the flatcoat had eaten some rotten fish off the beach. As Tan has been in season she has been nowhere to eat anything she shouldn't. It has been suggested it may be a virus so the question is this.

Has anyone seen or heard of this kind of problem?

Wow! we cannot thank you enough for responding in such an amazing way, along with advice from the vet predliserone steroids are being prescribed as it seems like we may be looking at Myositis

(Myositis is inflammation of the skeletal muscles. These are the muscles you consciously control that help you move your body. An injury, infectioncan cause myositis. Myositis which in most cases responds well to short term steroids)

Several people with deerhounds and other breeds have rang with experience of the same thing and this was diagnosed Myosis -

Update Tan is lapping and so we are feeding a liquid food and we hope with time she will recover. - Many thanks again this has been a useful exercise and your imput has been appreciated.

Further update - Tan is almost back to normal and is recovering well

Sam and Glenis



While asking the question of Penn Genn about the current situation I thought I would share this with you. Some people recently have only wanted to use clear dogs and our breeding programme is including carrier dogs. We are testing all puppies so as new owners know their status and can make informed choices. I was glad to hear others are getting on with it and screening so we will eventually be Factor Vii deficincy clear.

Received from Dr Urs Giger PennGenn 1/10/2007

Hi Glenis,
indeed Brits and US breeder are screening their dogs and I completely concur with you using carriers. It would be a mistake to not do this as FVII deficiency is generally a mild bleeding disorder, if one knows one can treat it successfully, carriers have no signs, testing is accurate for both affecteds and carriers, and there so many other bad and good traits in the breed requiring to keep the FVII mutation in perspective of the entire dog and breed.

You may quote me and keep in mind while you want to test and know about it you want to keep the great qualities and (genetic) diversity in the breed.

Urs Giger


In our face behind the prefix section on our site we would like everyone with a prefix to write a little about themselves, what brought them to deerhounds, when they started, their best dogs, who influenced and helped them get started and what their aims and dreams are. a small piece or a large piece we dont mind - etc it will make the Breeder page much more interesting for new comers to read. Please email me your information and any further pictures you would like to add in. Glenis


28th January

I'm after a bit of advice concerning health matters. The problem is that our deerhound, who is 18 months old, has been limping on and off for about six months. It was quite bad to start with, and then subsided and never seemed to be serious or painful, usually it just lasts for a few steps at the begining of a walk. It is his front right leg and i'm sure that it has somethng to do with his pasterns as they angle out a bit. I've consulted several vets and have spent a
lot on x-rays, medication etc, but no one can find anything. I'm currently giving him a tablespoon of malt extract with cod liver oil per day, but it does seem to be getting worse.

Is there anything I can do? And are his pasterns the likely explanation? Any advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks, Simon (and Angus).

We have advised Simon to cut down his exercise and refer back to a vet, he lives in close proximity to the greyhound track so a greyhound vet may be more helpful if this is a running injury. There must be an underlying problem to make the dog limp. Any other ideas please email Simon direc at .


19th January 2007


I have had a call from Stacy Booth in Ireland to say that a friend of hers has had her Deerhound stolen and it is thought that he might be sold on here in the UK. He is an entire two year old and answers to the name of Luke.
Pale grey with a white bib. No other white markings. Has microchip
Of slight build.(not heavy boned) Well adjusted,loving boy use to children and other animals

Due to the nature of this I was not sure if this would be suitable for the message board ,however I know that any help we can give in gettting this lovely lad back with his family would be much appreciated.
Any information can be sent to me and I will forward on

With many thanks and kind regards Chris De Bolla

Dear Glenis

Still no news on Luke the misssing Deerhound.

Through your message board many have contacted me with offers of help in spreading the word.
Knowing that people care is a great comfort for his family who are in total torment.
Will keep you updated Many thanks for your help Kind regards Chris De Bolla


Subject: Woolly

Hi - I am using your message board out of desperation. I am the proud owner of a woolly bitch, but find it impossible to keep her coat knot free. The more effort we put into the grooming the easier the knots appear, every time she lies down on her coat or she wears a collar the hair just seems to fuse together like cotton wool. The constant grooming makes her "hair sore" causing the pair of us discomfort. I have tried all sorts of different grooming equipment without any real success. Can anyone help with advice in this respect.

Kind regards - Mark Davis - Email:

My best advice is to have her clipped off but I will post this and see if anyone else can come up with any ideas Glenis



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