Bach Flower Remedies/ Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies are a system of holistic natural healing that grew up out of homeopathic medicine. Flower Remedies are to the emotional body what homeopathics are to the physical body. Each of the 38 Remedies correlates to an emotional state such as fear, self doubt or worry. The Flower Remedies act as a catalyst so that an animal's own system can achieve balance after being in a state of imbalance due to the stress of a period of strong emotion. These strong emotions scientists have found to be the seed of most physical disease. It, therefore, is logical to say if you achieve an emotional balance you also will affect the physical dysfunction.

The Flower Remedies are an approved Food and Drug Administration over the counter remedy and available to anyone without a prescription. They have no side effects, can be taken with any homeopathic remedy or allopathic drug and overdose is impossible.


Bach "Rescue Remedy"
In the early 1930's the noted British physician and scientist, Dr. Edward Bach, observed that many of his patients would display emotional and psychological difficulties such as apprehension, worry, loneliness, boredom, depression, uncertainty, hopelessness or fear prior to the onset of physical illness. He also noted these same difficulties inhibited the body's natural healing ability to prevent and/or overcome disease. Leaving his lucrative Harley Street practice, Bach moved to the English countryside and dedicated his life to studying the relationship between a person's state of mind and the onset of progression of disease.

Unlike standard medical approaches which treat physical symptoms, Bach believed the only way to truly prevent or deal with an illness, once manifested, was to address the underlying emotional causes. Concerned over the misusage and side- effects of most chemical drugs, Bach believed a safe, gentle treatment could be found in nature.

After many years of research and testing, Bach discovered that the preparation of 38 flowering plants, trees and special waters alleviated a broad range of emotional and psychological difficulties. Bach also developed a highly effective combination emergency rescue formula for the relief of stress during acute stressful situations. "Rescue Remedy" is regarded as the panacea Remedy, having the ability to calm and distress any situation especially, those created by traumatic incidents where an animal was terrorized, injured, or abused.

But, how does one know what emotions animals are experiencing? You would be surprised as to how easy it is to "read" a dog. All it takes is some observation and a little insight. You might discover that animals take less effort than humans!

The Flower Remedies come in small stock bottles. This concentrate is used to make a dilution of a formula just for you or your dog. Four to six drops are added along with a teaspoon of brandy or apple cider vinegar to a 1 ounce dropper bottle. Fill the rest of the way with spring water and shake vigorously up and down.

The Remedies can be taken directly from the stock bottle or from the personal dilution bottle by placing 2 - 4 drops in your horse's feed or water. The Remedies are easy and convenient to use with varied methods of application that can be selected to suit an individual's specific needs. The most common forms of administering the Remedies are placing them into the animal's food or water; dropping them directly into the animal's mouth; or rubbing the needed remedies on one's hands before petting them. Another innovative method for stalled horses is to place the Remedies into an automatic misting units such as fly repellent units.

In acute or emergency situations, you can apply the Remedies every few seconds until a change is noticed, then every 5 minutes until another change is noticed, and then every fifteen minutes. By this time, your horse should be calm and restored to an acceptable level of homeostasis. Normally giving the Remedy 4 - 8 times daily is acceptable, especially immediately upon rising and before retiring.

There is no improper or wrong method of applying the Bach Remedies. It is truly not necessary to be precise in counting the number of drops in any of the dilution methods. The suggestions given, herein, are merely to offer a reasonable parameter of accepted dilution methods. Follow your own judgment and insights. Remember, you cannot overdose the Remedies for they are non-toxic.

The following is a description of the Flower Remedies that make up Rescue Remedy, the most commonly used Bach Flower Remedy. Rescue Remedy is not a Flower Essence in itself but a combination of five of original Remedies. Once these five remedies are combined, the Rescue becomes an essence unto itself. It is different combined, than its individual essences.



For the overly anxious animal.

  1. At feeding times
  2. Before a race
  3. For animals that have epileptic type fits especially when agitated by being overly excited or upset.

Impatiens is for any form of pain.

Rock Rose

Star of Bethlehem

NOTE: Rescue Remedy is not meant to take the place of emergency medical treatment. In serious conditions or situations requiring medical attention, a veterinarian should be notified immediately.






Chestnut Bud



Crab Apple














Red Chestnut

Rock Water


Sweet Chestnut


- For the dog that thinks he is the "master" and rules the house and garden.


Water Violet

White Chestnut

Wild Oat

Wild Rose

Wild Rose remedies apathy as its virtuous action evokes the happiness and jubilation for life necessary for: dogs confined to kennels and never let out, helping old and grouchy dogs to have more fun, for dogs that have lost their spirit.