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Mrs Nenne Runsten gave her BOS. The other dog BOB is our Galerita's Cayman, the most winning male in Sweden the last three years.





The time is going so fast with a new deerhound pup and six small salukis. Now over a weeks since we got our lovely Anais. You can not imagine how charmed we are with her. Not a day goes without a new evidense of her smartness. She is playing with all the other deerhounds. Yesterday she got a lesson from the 15 years old saluki grandma how to dig a hole! She is kind and corious about any dog or human being. When a new dog comes, she immediately see that and comes running to greet him or her. She is very quick learning most here at home. We don't have words to tell how happy we are over her. Mikael and Cecilia - Sweden

Anna (Anais) has now made her début in the show rings. She has behaved very well, trying to go to any hound or person to say "Hello, who are you".All judges so far and all deerhound people have liked her as much as we do. Her bite has improved very well and her lower canines are going right as they shall now. Her paws are a little flat still after the tooth shedding.
As you can understand we are very glad to have her here and she is so open and confident as we hoped she would be.I have made translations of the written critics from her three shows so far. I am not sure I have the exact shade of meaning everywhere, but it is as good as I can. In all three shows she was awarded special prize and was Best In Breed Puppy.

Swedish Deerhound Club, Västerås 25/7 2009 Judge Nenne Runsten

 A very promising 5 month bitch puppy. Lovely head and expression. A trace narrow bite which hopfully will grow better. Large well carried ears. Good neck and top line, good angulation in front and behind. Very well developed body with good forechest and depth. Moves a little careless in front and behind, good from side. A little flat feet, a little soft coat. Very promising.

 Swedish Sighthound Club, Västarås 26/7 2009 Judge Bitte Ahrens

 5 month bitch of lovely type. Splendid lines. Feminine pleasing head with lovely expression. Correct bite. Excellent neck, correct angulation in front and behind, Very beautiful top- and under line. Excellent legs and paws. Moves elastic and “way winning”. Sound seen from front and behind.  Congratulations to a very promising puppy!

 Stockholm Kennel Club, Vallentuna 23/8 2009 Judge Kjell Lindström

 Very attractive deerhound puppy. Lovely expressive head, correct bite. Neat ears, very pleasant top line and for the age sufficient body. Good skeleton, today a little loose paws, good coat quality. Moves really nice with movments typically for the breed. Promising.

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