The standard says; Set on high and in repose folded back. In excitment raised above head without loosing the fold and in some cases semi-erect. A big thick ear hanging flat to the head or a prick ear most undesirable. Ear soft, glossy and like a mouses coat to the touch; smaller the better, no long coat or fringe. Ears black or dark coloured.

We have had a few hounds at Kilbourne whose ears have not needed any attention but generally most Deerhounds will grow a softer lighter coat on their ear. This can be kept in good order by plucking. Please do this pulling a little at a time and the way the hair grows not against. Hold the ears tight and pluck quickly. My vet gets a tad cross with me, if I am waiting he usually finds a little pile of hair where we have been sitting. I figure the dog is not enjoying the experience anyway so I cannot tmake it any worse and trying to avoid me distracts the dog from feeling uneasy in these surroudings.

heavy ear flat to the head - undesirable

 correct ear

youngster with good ear carriage


low ear set and a rather doomed head

alert - good placement

alert and correct.